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Every home and business in the Okotoks area will need electrical repairs from time to time. And while it is always tempting to try and save yourself a couple of bucks by taking matters into your own hands, there is no electrical job you should do yourself. The only exception to this rule is if you are a trained and licensed electrician. But in the event that you are not an electrician, you need to do the responsible thing and hire a licensed and insured electrician to do the required work.

Home and business owners who use unlicensed tradespeople to do electrical work risk catastrophic property damage, injury or even death. One of the biggest risks is fire as a result of faulty electrical systems and wiring. And if this happens, an unlicensed contractor likely won’t have any insurance to pay for the damages to your property. This is the worst-case scenario, but you still might be in trouble if the home or business ever gets inspected. Rather than put yourself and Okotoks property at risk, make sure you are supported by the best, fully licensed electricians the area has to offer with Always On Electric.

When you choose Always On Electric to complete the residential or commercial electrical work you need done, you are making a choice to work with the most reliable and efficient electricians in Okotoks. Since day one, our calling card has been providing exceptional service to residential and commercial clients. To have your electrical work completed with confidence and at an affordable rate, give Always On Electric a call and get a free estimate on the electrical services you require.

The Difference Always On Electric’s Electricians Make

We can’t reiterate enough that no matter how tempting it is to attempt to complete an electrical project yourself, doing so would be very irresponsible and dangerous. To make sure you don’t act impulsively and do serious damage to your Okotoks home or business, here is the difference our electricians make.

Safety on the job. Everyone knows that working with electricity can be dangerous if it’s not approached with caution. Of course, when you don’t have the proper expertise, how do you know what’s a hazard and what isn’t? Our electricians know the risks inside and out so that you don’t have to worry about injury or damage to your property.

Long-term safety. A haphazard, incorrect job can compromise your home or business, turning it into a giant safety concern complete with fires, electric shocks and other dangers. Our electricians know the best practices and you can be assured of quality, safe work long after the project is complete.

Saving you money. Normally, when people think about hiring an electrician, they think of it as an expense. This is why so people gravitate to the DIY approach. Unfortunately, the DIY approach can end up being costlier than just hiring us for the get-go. If you make a mistake doing it yourself, not only could you be creating a hazard that has the potential of destroying your property, you might have to call us in any way to repair damage you have done, doubling the money you would have spent if you had just called us.

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