Calgary Water Heater Installation

The majority of Calgary home and business owners don’t typically appreciate all that their water heaters do for them until it can’t fulfill its all-important purpose of providing hot water. Water heaters are by no means the fanciest appliance, but they are extremely important. We depend on hot water to keep our homes, businesses and bodies clean, and without it readily available, it can be a real pain.

Unfortunately, water heaters don’t last forever. Like any appliance, they have a finite service life. But the key to making sure that your water heater lasts as long as possible begins with proper installation. No matter how skilled of a handyman you fancy yourself, you need to draw the line at water heater installation, especially electric water heaters.

As you may already know, water and electricity can make a lethal combination. And since you are going to be depending on your new electric water heater to send hot water rushing through your Calgary home or business’s pipes at the twist of a knob or lift of a lever, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a skilled, licensed and insured water heater installation professional conducting its installation. Failing to do so means you’ll only have yourself to blame when your water heater suddenly fails.

If you are in the market for efficient, affordable and quality water heater installation services in the Calgary area, speak to Always On Electric today. We are proud to be the first option for all commercial and residential clients requiring water heater installation services and have proven time and again that there is no one more reliable than our skilled electricians we have on staff.

For a free estimate on our water heater installation services, give Always On Electric a call today to discuss what you’ll need for reliable hot water for years to come.

How Always On Electric Can Help

Obviously, our biggest asset is the expertise we bring to the table whenever there is a commercial or residential water heater to install. We are familiar with virtually all makes and models of water heater, meaning that there is virtually no water heater we can’t install. But our water heater installation services extend far beyond the installation themselves if need be.

According to the US Department of Energy, water heating systems are the second biggest user of electricity in homes, accounting for about 18 percent of electricity costs. Because this can have a big impact on utilities, the way a water heater is installed and even chosen can have a huge effect on your home.

We can make sure that the system is installed for maximum efficiency, but we can also estimate your hot water needs, choose the right system for your home or business, etc. As the electrical experts more Calgary home and business owners trust, we guarantee that we can make sure you’re getting the hot water you need without paying more than you need to on your electric bill every month.

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